A People-Centered and Community-Driven Response: Ghadir and the Community Committee

Strong community participation is the backbone of SARD’s people-centered and community-driven approach. SARD has initiated a Socioeconomic Empowerment Community Committee (SEECC) in each of the communities it works in to ensure community engagement in all project stages; design, implementation, and monitoring.

In Al-Dana, one of the nine committee members is Ghadir. Ghadir found herself displaced in Al-Dana after the bombardment of her hometown. She has been looking for ways to serve her community as a community organizer and volunteer. After receiving her post as a SEECC member and a five-day training, she got straight to work.

As a SEECC member, Ghadir conducts field visits to monitor activities and listen to beneficiaries’ feedback. She gives the SARD project team feedback and suggestions at monthly meetings. A highlight of her time as a member was coordinating a community event in which the committee invited special needs children to come together to socialize and plant trees.

In recognition of Ghadir’s efforts and the efforts of her fellow committee members, they were given certificates and a shield of honor. We are grateful to Ghadir and the other Socioeconomic Empowerment Community Committees members for their efforts to improve their community on behalf of all of its members.

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