Fighting Cholera, now and for the future

Syria has been experiencing a cholera outbreak since September 2022. As of last month, 58,000 suspected cases and 582 confirmed cholera cases including 23 deaths were recorded in northwest Syria. This past week, a cholera vaccination campaign in northwest Syria came to a close which vaccinated almost 1.7 million Syrians. 

In coordination with the campaign, SARD distributed printed and online materials, including children’s magazines, with messages of cholera symptom awareness and prevention. 

We believe that targeting children with educational materials is vital in preventing the spread of diseases like cholera in the long term. Children are often vulnerable to diseases due to their weaker immune systems and lack of awareness about proper hygiene practices. By empowering children with knowledge about cholera and how to prevent it, we aim to instill good hygiene habits at an early age, which can have a lasting impact on their health and well-being.

The campaign comes at a critical time, as stagnant floodwaters, earthquake damaged water sources and facilities, and further displacement threaten to increase transmission of the disease, particularly amongst young children.

Unfortunately, displacement, damaged infrastructure, and limited access to healthcare continue to pose threats to public health in northwest Syria. Ultimately,  investing in community-wide projects to improve sanitation and healthcare such as our ongoing project to repair sewage system in Suran are the solution in the long-run. 

Together, we can continue to make a life-saving impact in the lives of those affected by the cholera outbreak in Syria, and invest in sustainable recovery efforts to prevent future outbreaks.

Partner with us and invest in the long-term recovery of northwest Syria. 

Rebuilding Hope: SARD's Rubble Removal Project in northwest Syria after the February 6 Earthquakes