Rebuilding Hope: SARD's Rubble Removal Project in northwest Syria after the February 6 Earthquakes

The recent catastrophic earthquakes that struck northwest Syria on February 6, 2023, left behind a trail of devastation. Homes were reduced to rubble, and the lives of thousands of people were shattered in an instant. We have launched a rubble removal project in the wake of the earthquakes, with the aim of rebuilding crucial infrastructure and restoring commerce in the region.

The scale of destruction caused by the earthquakes is immense.  The rubble poses a significant challenge to the recovery efforts, hindering access to essential services and impeding the resumption of normal life for the affected communities. Recognizing the urgent need to clear the rubble and rebuild, SARD has taken on a monumental task of rubble removal, thanks to the generosity of  Welthungerhilfe and a private donor, under the critical leadership of the Syria Civil Defense.  

The Syria Civil Defense teams identify sites and provide safety training to our rubble removal workers. They also have the difficult first task of demolishing any unsafe structures. After demolition, our teams of trained workers equipped with heavy machinery work tirelessly to clear the debris, brick by brick, stone by stone. Our rubble removal project is a complex and labor-intensive endeavor.  The rubble is sorted, recycled where possible, and safely disposed of where necessary. The project is being carried out with the utmost care to ensure the safety of the workers and the affected communities, as well as to protect the environment.

The importance of rubble removal cannot be overstated. It is a critical first step in the recovery process, as it paves the way for the reconstruction of vital infrastructure such as homes, schools, and hospitals. Clearing the debris also restores access to roads and other transportation routes, enabling the resumption of commerce and economic activity. With the rubble out of the way, the affected communities can start rebuilding their lives and regain a sense of normalcy.

However, the task ahead is immense, and the process of rubble removal is expected to take months, if not years. We are  committed to the long-term recovery of our communities and working closely with our partners, local authorities, other NGOs, and community members to ensure that the rubble removal project is carried out effectively and sustainably. SARD is also engaging in community mobilization efforts to involve the affected communities in the recovery process and empower them to take ownership of their own future.

Our rubble removal project is not only about clearing debris; it is about restoring hope and rebuilding lives. 

By supporting SARD's efforts, donors and partners can play a crucial role in helping the affected communities on their journey to recovery. We invite you to join us.

The Aftermath of the Earthquake: A Catastrophic Situation