" You see the situation".

“Four buildings collapsed around us. People were destroyed and left. My whole house was destroyed. I woke up and saw people dead.  I have an old man who is very sick. I did not know where to go.”


“I sat for 15 days under the olive trees, under the shade and rain. I got out some of my things from under the destruction of the earthquake, but it was so hard to sleep there because of the rubble and stones.”

“Good people helped me without fail.”


“Now, thank God, I can sleep and rest on a pillow, but I need another tent, because my tent is used for cooking, the bathroom, sleeping in it. We can’t all fit, we are on top of each other. "

"You see the situation.”

Her words stuck with us. We do see the situation. We understand the immense challenges many  are facing in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, decade-long conflict, and economic crisis. The loss of homes, the pain of witnessing the destruction, and the struggle to find basic necessities are all incredibly difficult to bear. That is why we remain committed to providing continuous assistance to those affected by the disaster. Four months later, we are continuing to distribute  food, non-food items, tents, and more.

In order to sustain our ongoing efforts and expand our reach to more individuals affected by the earthquake, we rely on the support and generosity of individuals. You can donate today to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are still struggling to rebuild and recover.

"We've lost everything. We were only able to save our own lives, we couldn't salvage much from the rubble."