Earthquake Response

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central Turkey and northwest Syria on February 6th, 2023, causing widespread death and destruction. It was one of the most powerful earthquakes in the region in a century, and was followed by powerful aftershocks as well as another high-magnitude earthquake on February 20th. After 12 years of conflict and displacement, the earthquake has severely compounded the dire situation in northwest Syria. We are facing unimaginable destruction,  so much loss, and a difficult recovery road ahead. Your support and donations have helped us provide life-saving aid in the aftermath of the Earthquake. 

And now, we need to rebuild- will you join us?

We urgently need your support

In the days directly after the earthquake, we worked around the clock to provide life-saving aid such as emergency shelter, food, fuel, bedding, and more. Now, as we shift our focus to recovery we need your support. Will you donate today so we can provide livelihood restarting kits, infrastructure rehabilitation, shelter repair, PSS activities for children, and more?  SARD is ready to mobilize.


Below you will find our northwest Syria and Türkiye Flash Reports

Since day one, we have been releasing Flash Reports to provide you with a situational overview and a summary of how are responding in the earthquakes' aftermath. You can find all of our reports below as we are committed to being transparrent with our donors and the comminities we serve. Thank you for supporting us on this journey. The road ahead is long, but we are committed to the communities we serve and providing effective, equitable, and sustainable support as they rebuild their lives yet again.

NWS Flash Reports

NWS Flash Report 1

NWS Flash Report 2

NWS Flash Report 3

NWS Rapid Needs Assessment Guide-Open Source

تقييم الاحتياجات السريع بعدوقوع زلزال

NWS Flash Report 4

SARD Multisectoral Rapid Needs Assessment

NWS Flash Report 5

NWS Flash Report 6

NWS Flash Report 7

NWS Flash Report 8

NWS Flash Report 9

NWS Child Needs Assessment

NWS Flash Report 10

NWS Flash Report 11

NWS Flash Report 12

NWS Flash Report 13

NWS Flash Report 14

NWS Flash Report 15

NWS Flash Report 16

NWS Flash Report 17

NWS Flash Report 18

NWS Flash Report 19

NWS Flash Report 20

NWS Flash Report 21

NWS Flash Report 22

NWS Flash Report 23

NWS Flash Report 24

NWS Flash Report 25

NWS Flash Report 26

Türkiye Flash Reports

TR Flash Report 9

TR Flash Report 10

TR Flash Report 11

TR Flash Report 12

TR Flash Report 13

TR Flash Report 14

TR Flash Report 15

Adiyaman Needs Assessment