Earthquake Response

A 7.8 earthquake struck central Turkey and northwest Syria on February 6, causing widespread destruction and affecting hundreds of thousands of families. Thousands have been killed and many more thousands injured. We are experiencing frigid temperatures, unimaginable destruction, and so much loss. We urge everyone to stay tuned for updates on how you can help. The earthquake has caused unimaginable destruction, and the need for humanitarian aid is immense. Your support and donations can help us provide essential services to those who are affected by this disaster.


We are asking for your urgent support. SARD's teams are working around the clock to  provide emergency support such as Ready to Eat Rations, NFI kits, emergency shelter kits, house repairs, housing to children who have lost entire families, and more to those who are most affected by the earthquake. 


Flash Report 1

Feb 6 2023

Flash Report 2

Feb 7 2023

Flash Report 3

Feb 8 2023


Rapid Needs Assessment Guide- Open Source

تقييم الاحتياجات السريع بعد وقوع زلزال


Flash Report 4

Feb 9, 2023


SARD Multisectoral Rapid Needs Assessment

Flash Report 5

Feb 11

 , 2023


Flash Report 6

Feb 13, 2023


Flash Report 7

Feb 15, 2023


Flash Report 8

Feb 17, 2023


Flash Report 9

Feb 22, 2023

SARD Children Status and Rapid Needs Assessment Feb 17, 2023

Flash 10

Feb 28, 2023

Flash 11

March 3, 2023

Flash 12


Flash 13


Flash 14